Obesity is unhealthy and can possibly lead to serious health problems and excessive weight puts more strain on your heart including: Heart disease Diabetes Stroke Some types of cancer The method to help you lose weight is to limit the number of calories intake through your diet. Exercise is also a good way toContinue reading “HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT AT HOME”

Pica in children

P I C A  is an eating disorder that can result in serious health problems, such as lead poisoning and iron-deficiency anemia. Pica is mostly common in people with developmental disabilities, like autism and intellectual disabilities, and children between the age of 2 and 3. Pica may surface in children who’ve had a brain injuryContinue reading “Pica in children”

Lactose Tolerant vs Lactose Intolerance

Health Facts about lactose intolerance and lactase deficiency Those who have lactose intolerance have an issue in which the small intestines are unable to break down the sugars found in dairy products, which is called lactose. The small intestine is not making enough lactase, which is an enzyme that breaks down the lactose. Due toContinue reading “Lactose Tolerant vs Lactose Intolerance”

Facts about whole grain

To understand the term “whole grain,” let’s start with a few basics. ➡A grain is really a seed from any number of cereal plants (such as wheat or barley). ➡A grain kernel has 3 parts—the germ, bran, and endosperm—and each of them contains unique nutrients and vitamins. WHAT DO THE DOCTORS SAY? ➡Have 3 servingsContinue reading “Facts about whole grain”

Welcome to my website!

  I will be sharing with you my daily eating routine, baking recipes and how you can get yourself started on your weight loss journey, and other body goals you wish to achieve. On my website you will find some useful information on tips and advise about your general health well-being, and how important toContinue reading “Welcome to my website!”