Matters of the Heart

Are you at risk for heart disease and other chronic diseases? Thankfully there is a system of “numbers” we can use to tell us how we compare to the healthy state. By knowing your numbers, you can take action to make positive changes that will help prevent heart disease and stroke. Some of the numbers […]Continue reading “Matters of the Heart”


TRAINING     A sense of self-improvement and purpose A detailed plan for strength and performance progression Each session is challenging with deliberate milestones to accomplish Provide immediate feedback   EXERCISE       Viewed primarily as a fat loss tool Punished for overeating No clear plan for progression or goal setting Can be boringContinue reading “TRAINING VS EXERCISE”

Why high fiber diets are good for you!!!

  A total dietary fiber intake should be 25 t 30 grams a day from food, not supplements. It is advised to eat more fibre and probably good for your health. To increase fibre in your diet, as a general rule, swap white, processed foods for brown, whole foods and eat plenty of fruit andContinue reading “Why high fiber diets are good for you!!!”