High-Protein Foods Can Cause Weight Loss!

Boost your protein intake by including a variety of high-protein foods in your diet. Both plant- and animal-based protein sources are great for promoting weight loss. According to studies, they found out that eating eggs can keep you fuller for longer and may lead to reduced food intake over the whole day. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/16373948/ Certain foodsContinue reading “High-Protein Foods Can Cause Weight Loss!”

How to squat and plank in proper form!

Here are a few of the most common mistakes I see people make at the gym or fitness studio:   Hyperextended Knees Squats and lunges are some of my favorite moves to teach. They work multiple muscles; you can performed them with no weights, free weights or barbells; and you can modify them in endlessContinue reading “How to squat and plank in proper form!”

Calorie Maintenance!

Hi guys, I got a lot of Dm’s regarding this topic and I decided to write up an article about it. Your daily calorie intake is by far the most important part of your diet plan no matter what your goal is (losing fat, building muscle, etc.). And, the starting point for figuring out exactlyContinue reading “Calorie Maintenance!”

High Fiber Foods Aid Weight Loss

  Weight Loss is Easier With Fiber According to a new study, Annals of Internal Medicine compared a high fibre diet to a conventional diet published by the American Heart Association (AHA).  The AHA diet was fairly complex because the dieters on that plan had to count calories, reduce their grams of sugar, eat more veggies and lean protein.Continue reading “High Fiber Foods Aid Weight Loss”

Diet effect on menstrual cycle!

Dieting and weight loss are one reason you may lose your cycle! Is that time of the month, when women often feel cramps, bloating and mood swings. But a regular menstrual cycle is a good healthy sign. The absence or loss of a regular period is known as Amenorrhea.  Amenorrhea is not a disease itselfContinue reading “Diet effect on menstrual cycle!”

Best Fruits For Weight Loss

Fruits are very essential for weight loss, they are low in calories, including them in your diet may help decrease your daily calorie intake. It’s incredibly nutritious and packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. However, it contains more natural sugars than other whole foods like vegetables. For this reason, many people question whether it’s good forContinue reading “Best Fruits For Weight Loss”

Overweight, Obesity and Cancer!

What’s my risk of developing cancer if I’m overweight or obese? Accordingly, to cancerresearchuk.org being overweight doesn’t mean that someone will definitely develop cancer. But if a person is overweight they are more likely to get cancer than if they are a healthy weight. We can help stack the odds against cancer by losing weightContinue reading “Overweight, Obesity and Cancer!”

10 Tips to Promote Healthy Gut!

Your digestive health is directly impacted by the foods you eat and the lifestyle you live. By taking steps to improve your digestive health, you’ll help your digestive system to function more efficiently, improving your overall health and sense of well-being. Try these 10 tips for better digestive health: 1. Eat a high-fibre diet. According to MariaContinue reading “10 Tips to Promote Healthy Gut!”

15 Mins Morning Home Workout!

Aerobic exercise is recommended by the American Heart Association and by most doctors to people with, or at risk for, heart disease. That’s because exercise strengthens your heart and helps it more efficiently pump blood throughout the body   https://bolafit.com/calories-burned-calculator/   1. Jumping  Rope x 60 secs  . Calories burned jumping rope can work outContinue reading “15 Mins Morning Home Workout!”