Healthy Weight Gain Tips

Eating junk and sugary foods supply a lot of calories and won’t fill you up. Why not increase your calories by focusing on real foods, and getting a balanced diet intake of fats, protein and quality carbohydrate that won’t put your body into fat-storage mode.

Here are the top tips!

1. Put more effort in your daily eating routine. This may mean rescheduling other activities. Plan your meal and snack times in advance and never skip or rush them.

2. Increase your meal frequency. Try to eat at least three meals and three ( or more) snacks each day.

3. Eat regularly every 2-3 hours and avoid gaps longer than three hours

4. Plan nutritious high calorie snacks- e.g yogurt, nuts, dried fruits, flapjacks, and oats based bars

5. Eat larger meal and increase portion sizes.

6. Eat full fat and diary products, use a little more ( olive or coconut) oil for cooking,drizzle olive or walnut oil on salads and vegetables

7. If you are finding it hard to fit in enough food, try nutrient-dense drink such as whole milk, flavored milk, milkshakes and yogurt and fruit smoothies to help increase your calorie and protein intake. Add groundnuts or seeds to shakes to further boost calories.

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