2019 Home HIIT Workout


Hi everyone happy new year, I made this video for you all to give it a try and I bet you, you will definitely burn some calories. I recommend you to do each exercise between 2 to 4 sets. If your goal is to lose weight or shed some fat Its the perfect quick to go workout for you. Note, always make sure you start your workout with a light warm up and it’s also important to stretch and cool down after your workout. If you are just starting up with your fitness journey, don’t worry I will take you to the next level just Dm me via Instagram or send me a mail, I will put the links here.

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@mazerfitness – 💥PRE & POST WORKOUT NUTRITION💥 – 🐣What should you eat before and after your workout? Is the anabolic window real? Is there a magic food that you should eat before and after your workout?! Haha nope, no anabolic window, no magic food. Just eat some food. Let’s break down the specifics of what you want to be eating pre and post training!!🤔 – ✌️Pre workout: Protein and carbs are important pre workout, you want to be eating these but please, make sure the form of the foods you’re eating are easily digestible because you don’t want to have lots of food sitting in your stomach when you’re training. We’ve all been there, almost throwing up in the gym because you just ate. Make sure you eat like 1-3 hours before so you give your body time to absorb all of the food. If you’re not able to eat 1-3 hours before and thus you’re training fasted, get yourself some BCAA’s. – 🔥Post workout. There’s a lot of debate about this. Are carbs necessary or not? Technically they’re not really that necessary but if you really want to optimize everything you might want to add at least 30ish grams of carbs after your workout. If you’re just training for general fat loss or muscle gain, just getting 25 grams of protein will do. But again, how hard is it to eat 30 grams of carbs after your workout? Not really right? And about the anabolic window.. That’s a myth. Just make sure you eat your post workout meal as soon as you can. You’re good – ❤️Much love, Dennis – P.s. I do have some open coaching spots and I’d love to help you crush your fitness goals. If you’re ready to take your body to the next level, feel free to check the link in my bio! 🙂 . . . . #fitfam #fitnesslife #fitnesscoach #fitnessjourney #fatlosstips #fatlossgoals #fatlosscoach #fatlossjourney #weightwatchers #weightloss #weightlosscoach #weightlossjourney #weightlossprogram #caloriecontrol #calorieburn #countingcalories #caloriecounting #fatlossfood #diethacks #nutritioncoach #nutrition #nutritionist #fitnessprogress #fasting #intermittentfasting #kinobody #diet #healthydiet

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