• A sense of self-improvement and purpose
  • A detailed plan for strength and performance progression
  • Each session is challenging with deliberate milestones to accomplish
  • Provide immediate feedback



  • Viewed primarily as a fat loss tool
  • Punished for overeating
  • No clear plan for progression or goal setting
  • Can be boring and monotonous
  • Lacks intensity


If you’re someone who walks into the gym with no sense of purpose or what you’re going to do that day, it’s possible you’re leaving results on the table.
In order for you to set yourself up for the absolute best success, you should be following a detailed program created for your body.

What cookie cutter programs found online or general exercising methods fail to take into account is how all of our bodies have different skeletal structures, imbalances, strengths/weaknesses, etc. This knowledge should contribute to exercise selection, reps, schemes, intensity, etc. to improve your overall performance and prevent injury.

That said, having a clear plan of action in place will help you work towards a specific goal. Every workout is like a video game where there are certain levels and challenges you have to complete before you can move on to the next round.

Unlike self-loathing cardio, training is not about punishment for overeating. It’s a direct plan of action that will provide you with a sense of purpose and accomplishment after completing every session.

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