How to start going to the Gym!

Still wondering if the gym is for you…..


workout pic

I will like to share my own advice on this topic, you don’t need to be a fitness instructor or a professional athlete. The gym is for everyone, don’t create excuses get your ass in there mate!

Here are some tips to guide you…

1. Visit the gym.

2. Talk to the manager or staffs.

3. Explain to them why you want to join the gym, they may advise you to book an appointment with one of their personal trainers.

4. Talk to the personal trainer about your set goals for your fitness journey.

5. Get a feedback, go back home think about it and make a decision.

6. If your thoughts are positive, I would advise you to see your doctor first, regarding any medical conditions and let him/ her know about your fitness journey.

7. Go back to the gym, get yourself sorted with the membership and set a start date.

8. Write down lists of what you will need for the gym and don’t go broke.

9. Visit a sports store in your area, my opinion is to buy a cheaper brand for a starter.

10. Get yourself started and plan, set goals for your fitness journey.






Always remember that you are a beginner and you can’t achieve a positive result in a day. Consistency is key to successful body goals.



Write your workout routine on a notepad each time you go to the gym, to track your progress!




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