Tips to help Depression!

Living with depression can make you feel worthless. You’re not alone. With the help of therapy and sometimes medications, there’s a lot you can do on your own to fight back.



These tips can help you feel better- Starting right now!


  1. Get in a routine – if you’re depressed, you need a routine according to Ian Cook, MD. He’s a psychiatrist and director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA. Depression can strip away the structure of your life, one day melts into the next. Setting a daily schedule can help you get back on track.

2. Set goals – You may feel you can’t accomplish anything when you’re depressed, this feeling makes you feel worst about yourself. To push back, set daily goals for yourself.

According to Cook, ”make your goals something you can succeed at, like doing the dishes every other day”

As you start to feel better, you can add more challenging daily goals.

3. Excercise – It temporarily boosts- what is known as feelgood chemicals called endorphins. It may also have a long-term benefit for people with depression. Regular exercise routine seems to encourage the brain to rewire itself positively. Cooks says, taking a walk few times in a week can help.

4.  Eat healthily– It’s a good idea to watch what you eat, Although, depression tends to make you over-eat, getting in control of your eating habits will help you feel better. A good breakfast can improve one’s performance throughout the day. this is why it’s commonly advised to have a hearty breakfast instead of sipping it and making u for it during lunch or dinner.

Foods with omega 3 – helps nerve cells fire at an optimal speed. fatty acids (such as salmon and tuna), folic acid (spinach and avocado) also help ease depression.

5. Getting enough sleep – Sometimes depression can make it hard to get enough sleep and too little sleep can make it worse. What can you do? Start making some changes to your lifestyle. Go to bed and get up the same time every day. Try not to nap, take all distractions out of your bedroom-  no computer and Tv. In time, your sleep routine will improve positively.

6. Take on responsibilities – You may want to pull back from life and give up your responsibilities at home or work when depressed. Don’t. Staying involved and having daily responsibilities can help you maintain a lifestyle that will help counter depression. Consider a volunteer work, if you’re not working or schooling.

7. Challenge negative thoughts – In your fight against depression, a lot of work is mental- changing how you think, when you’re depressed, you leap to the worst possible conclusions.

The next time you’re feeling depressed about yourself, use logic as a natural depression treatment or someone very close to you. You might feel like no one likes you, but is there real evidence for that? No. It takes practice you can beat those negative thoughts out of your head before they get out of control. Be positive!


Source of vitamins and minerals to prevent depression.



I hope you find these tips helpful, do not hesitate to like, comment and ask questions.






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