How to Slow Down Your Metabolism to Maintain or Gain Weight

Everyone is always talking about speeding things up, whether it's baking a pie or losing weight. So naturally, metabolism speed is something very commonly talked about in the diet world. It's well known that a faster metabolismleads to weight loss. The more efficiently your body metabolizes food, the fewer calories there are to be converted to body weight.... Continue Reading →


Healthy Weight Gain Tips

Eating junk and sugary foods supply a lot of calories and won't fill you up. Why not increase your calories by focusing on real foods, and getting a balanced diet intake of fats, protein and quality carbohydrate that won't put your body into fat-storage mode. Here are the top tips! 1. Put more effort in... Continue Reading →

Calorie Maintenance!

Hi guys, I got a lot of Dm's regarding this topic and I decided to write up an article about it. Your daily calorie intake is by far the most important part of your diet plan no matter what your goal is (losing fat, building muscle, etc.). And, the starting point for figuring out exactly... Continue Reading →

High Fiber Foods Aid Weight Loss

  Weight Loss is Easier With Fiber According to a new study, Annals of Internal Medicine compared a high fibre diet to a conventional diet published by the American Heart Association (AHA).  The AHA diet was fairly complex because the dieters on that plan had to count calories, reduce their grams of sugar, eat more veggies and lean protein.... Continue Reading →

Diet effect on menstrual cycle!

Dieting and weight loss are one reason you may lose your cycle! Is that time of the month, when women often feel cramps, bloating and mood swings. But a regular menstrual cycle is a good healthy sign. The absence or loss of a regular period is known as Amenorrhea.  Amenorrhea is not a disease itself... Continue Reading →

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